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Rural Development

  Title Project Duration Our Services
img AlmWaal
Irrigation of meadows and pastures in the alpine landscape
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12/2012 ? 03/2014 Conception of the research project, scientific direction, research study with students, all-up coordination
img Environmental Education: "We look on it" - farmers observe plants and animals Jan. 2006 - Dec. 2012 Project management, project development, feasibility studies, assistance of farmers, educational measures, involvement of schools, data management, company visits
img Groundwater protection: contracts under private law ensure the quality of drinking water 01/2003 ? ongoing Analyze agricultural holding, develop methods, prepare contractual basis, calculate compensation, evaluate realisation, ongoing guidance
img Designation of agricultural areas using GIS modeling 02/2012 ? 06/2012 Modeling of high-quality agricultural areas using digital input parameter, multi-criteria analysis, visualization of priority areas for urban development concept
img Borderless Nature Experience 07/2009 ? 10/2012 Research on infrastructure in protected areas, evaluation of infrastructure facilities, description of best practice examples, writing handbooks
img Fundamental study and risk assessment to groundwater adverse effects by agriculture in Jaunfeld and Lower Gurktal 10/2008 ? 12/2011 Review the nitrogen inputs in the groundwater caused by agriculture, best and worst case scenarios
img My Featured Space: adolescent design rural areas 08/2009 ? 07/2011 Conception of research project, scientific direction, coordination, public relations
img Keep cultural landscape open: maintain what 04/2007 ? 05/2011 Field mapping, content editing, organizational development, project management

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