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Our Mission Statement

The term environment is more and more present nowadays. Duties and responsibilities in the conflict area of humans-technology-environment are increasing. For us the harmony of mankind and nature is the central point of our work

We live environment


  • Clients: We offer our clients tailor-made solutions. 
  • Products: We develop innovative solutions. 
  • Staff members: We work as a team and we place great importance to cooperation.
  • Ethics: We feel obliged to people and environment. 
  • Partners: We work in the network.


Our Competence

Responding to the growing environmental orientation, our enterprise is responsible for advancing tasks of nature and environment conservation for protection and organization of the living space of the people as whole. The range of services offered by our enterprise is situated in this conflict area. We see ourselves as the connective link between ecology, technology and economy. The strength of our team lies in the wide range of knowledge of various disciplines, such as ecology, agriculture, landscape planning and nature conservation and management.

Due to collaborations with universities and due to management and participation at interdisciplinary research projects our advantage in know-how is manifesting itself.

  • Develop: The exciting dialogues with our clients and cooperation partners keep inspiring us continually. For you we find innovative solutions.
  • Consult: For you we bring our experience and independent view into a job. During the past decade we have acquired a wealth of experience which we offer and provide to our clients.
  • Plan: For you we determine the optimum under given framework conditions. Good planning meaning for us to be efficient and optimal with existing recourses - to obtain wise optimal result.